Violet Tungsten Oxide

Violet Tungsten Oxide Picture

Violet tungsten oxide is reduced by ammonium paratungstate under a certain temperature, it is a kind of tungsten oxide. Chemical formula of violet tungsten oxide is WO2.72 or W18O49. It is a kind of tungsten oxide, abbreviation is VTO, it is a kind of purple crystalline powder.

Purple tungsten oxide is a strong fissile octahedral structure, intrinsic crystalline needle and rod. It is being controled under certain temperature, use ammonium paratungstate as raw material, then deoxygenate the violet tungsten oxide. Violet tungsten oxide is a kind of tungsten oxide, chemical formula is WO2.72 or W18O49. Blue tungsten oxide, violet tungsten oxide, yellow tungsten oxide and brown tungsten oxide are all called tungsten oxide.

Violet tungsten oxide has different structure and appearance with other tungsten oxides. It is of crystalline needle or rod. The distribution of particles are inattentive. Compared to blue tungsten oxide and yellow tungsten oxide, its surface area, grain size and apparent density is smaller. So its property is quite different from other tungsten oxides. Because of its unique structure, it has the advantages which can make fine tungsten powder.

Violet tungsten oxide application: Violet tungsten oxide is mainly used to produce tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder, also fine tungsten powder and nano tungsten powder. The appearance of violet tungsten powder is unique, every grain is like needle or rod. The structure is loose, and its apparent density is low which is good for the hydrogen infiltration and escape of vapour. The reduction can happen both on the surface and inside. So it is widely used in producing fine tungsten powder.