Tungsten Oxide Ceramic

Tungsten Oxide Ceramic Picture

Tungsten trioxide (WO3) is an extremely important high-tech materials, this material is non-linear, high-dielectric constant, electrochromic, with gas detection, chemical catalysis and other features. For the features of WO3, the nano-powder of WO3 can be fired into varistor ceramics, ceramic capacitors, light (electricity) color ceramic film, gas-sensing ceramics, photocatalytic degradation ceramic membrane, battery electrode ceramic materials, microwave absorbing ceramic film, new high-temperature thermoelectric ceramics and functional ceramics and ceramic films, which has great potential in many chemical, energy, electricity and other fields.

There are two preparation methods of ceramic raw materials, that mechanical disruption and synthesis. The former one uses mechanical principle crushing coarse particles to obtain fine powder, which has the advantages of large amount of production and low cost, but there are problems of impurities mixed in the crushing process, and it is difficult to obtain submicron particle size. And the powder produced by synthesis has high purity, small particle size, component uniformity, suitable for high performance requirements, low production needs of advanced ceramic materials.

Nanometer WO3 powders prepared by mechanical milling as a raw material of sintering tungsten trioxide ceramics, the systematic study of influence of milling parameters on particle size, the grinding can achieve the best results.