Tungsten Oxide Nano Heat Insulating Agricultural Membrane

Heat Insulating Agricultural Membrane Picture

Growth of crop not only needs proper temperature, but also proper ultra violet light which is indispensible for inhibiting germs and protecting from plant diseases and insect pests. Blocking ultra violet is not good for growth of crop. Agricultural membrane made by ITO or ATO will have inhibition for ultra violet light, its transmittance is below 20%.

Tungsten oxide heat insulating agricultural membrane has high visible light transmittance, high infrared ray insulation rate and proper ultra violet transmittance rate. The membrane includes transparent basic membrane and resin layer, the resin layer includes nano heat insulating material and has insulating rate of over 80% for 780~2400nm near infrared ray, 58% for 380nm ultra violet light and over 93% transmittance for visible light. Moreover, it has longer service life for 10 years and is environmental friendly.