Ask & Questions of Tungsten Oxide

Differences of YTO 0.6um and 1.8um?

0.6-1.8um yellow tungsten oxide, the color is light yellow, grain size is finer. 12-20um yellow tungsten oxide, the color is yellow-green, grain size is bigger. The producing method of 0.6-1.8um YTO is more complex, so the price is also higher than 12-20um YTO.

Application of tungsten oxide?

The fine tungsten oxide has strong absorption capacity on electromagnetic wave, so it can be used as perfect absorbing material in solar system applications and important invisible material in military field. Also it has good catalytic property, so it can be used as catalytic materials in the anode electrode of fuel cells. It can also be applied as low temperature superconducting materials. After mixed with TiO2, it can be used as photocatalyst.Tungsten oxide is unstable with NOX, H2S and NH, thus it is used as sensitive material for tranducer and test food, pharmaceuticals, off-gas. Besides that, it is also used to produce chemical products, such as oil paint, coating, oil industry catalyst, etc.

Packing of tungsten oxide?

In iron drums with double inner sealed plastic bag of 50kgs or 100kgs net each.

How to order tungsten oxide?

You can order the product on the product page by sending us the inquiry, or call us / email us directly under the information page "contact us".

MOQ of tungsten oxide?

We can provide with both sample of tungsten oxides and big batch of products.